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AutoNetTV's drive Marketing is a tool designed to publish customized automotive videos and articles to your website weekly.


Tech Specs

Product FAQ

Whether you’ve already spent a lot of money on a great-looking website or you’re just getting started, you need great content to keep visitors on your site. So how do you make that happen? AutoNetTV’s driveMarketing will boost the quality and quantity of content on your site automatically with customized articles and professionally produced educational videos.

Key Features:

  • Your website is automatically updated each week with a personalized article and video to boost page ranking.
  • Automatically increases the keywords, length of visit, and site freshness of your website.
  • Perfect for point-of-sale education! Your customers can watch a short video from your service desk about the service you a recommending. Your recommendations will be accepted more often!
  • Our program is inexpensive – averaging 500 percent lower than our competitors.
  • The program functions as a blog, running on autopilot or allowing you to add your own articles and messages.
  • New posts can be setup to link directly to Facebook and Twitter.

Set-up Process

We have designed the set-up process to be fairly simple. It shouldn't take much more than twenty (20) minutes of your valuable time and any shop can do it (we've never turned a customer away because of lack of technical expertise).


Are you replacing my website?

No. Web Tools is a supplementary web site that is designed to give you personalized access to our collection of auto tips videos, and to lead your customers back to your site with customized links from our in-depth content. Your Web Tools blog page is intended to be an extension of your own website.

What is a 'Blog'?

A 'blog' is simply a type of website that is designed to allow easy management of written and video content. We have chosen a blog technology for our Web Tools because it is the easiest way for us to deliver great content into a web page that is designated specifically for you.

Can my customers post comments on my Web Tools site?

Yes. However, your customer's comments will not actually appear 'live' on your Web Tools site unless you approve them. If you never approve them, they will simply sit in a hold area of your Admin Panel. To login to your Admin Panel to check for comments, click here. You may also want to see a video on how to manage comments in a blog.

What will the AutoNetTV Web Tools blog contain?

- Upon signup, we will post a collection of articles to your new Web Tools blog. Each article will contain an AutoNetTV video, and a written transcript of the video presentation. Within the written transcript we will provide links to your Home website from keywords, and will also include your business name and contact information throughout so that your customers have a direct link to you from our great content.

How will the Web Tools help me?

Our Web Tools blog has four distinct benefits for you:

  1. Web Tools provides our award-winning online auto tips videos for your customers in a personalized setting. You can direct your customers to your Web Tools blog site to search and view our videos on a web page that appears to be an extension of your own website.
  2. Web Tools provides links to your Home page for your customers, so they are never lost from your site. We link keywords within our content to your Home page, and provide location-specific references to your service station and personalized contact information throughout the written content in each article. Whenever your customers click on a keyword link in our content, they will be directed to your Home page.
  3. You can link to particular Web Tools videos in your newsletter, in email reminders and on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

What is a 'URL'?

A 'URL' is a website address such as ''. 'URL' stands for 'Universal Resource Locator', which was an early way to describe 'finding a web page'. When you are asked for your website URL, you are being asked for your website address. Note that we require you to include the entire address in written form, including the 'http://' at the beginning. The easiest way to insert your URL into our registration forms is to visit your Home page, and then select and copy your URL from the top of your browser window. Simply 'paste' to insert your URL in the appropriate field.

How long does it take to register for an AutoNetTV Web Tools blog?

- Registration takes about 10 minutes. There are four basic steps, two of which only require a couple clicks:

  1. Create Your Account, where you will name your new blog page;
  2. Add your logo to appear at the top of your blog;
  3. Agree to Terms, where you agree not to publish inappropriate content or otherwise abuse this blog;
  4. Define Your Custom Content, where you give us details about your location and services so that we can customize our content for you.

Can I keep this site forever?

Under specific terms, the Web Tools blog is provided by AutoNetTV for AutoNetTV customers. If you choose to end your customer relationship with AutoNetTV, your Web Tools blog will be removed from the system and you will be required to remove any content from your own Website if applicable.

Can I manage my account content?

Yes. Our Web Tools Control Panel provides a host of features that allow you to manage your Web Tools account.