Take control of your waiting area and build customer trust.

driveExperience: Lobby TV is a custom television program designed to increase customer trust, boost service sales, and entertain customers in repair and service waiting rooms.


Tech Specs

Product FAQ

Less than 1% of people who own a vehicle actually read the owner's manual in order to understand how to properly care for what is often their second largest investment. It’s no wonder they experience a sudden rise in blood pressure and anxiety then they visit an automotive center – they haven’t done their homework! Welcome to AutoNetTV's driveExperience: Lobby TV – the most enjoyable, informative, and easily accessible automotive class in session. We take an even mix of positive entertainment and educational television segments and provide you with quality programming for your customers.

Sample driveExperience: Lobby TV Episode

Key Features:

  1. Educates your customers on the value and benefits of preventive maintenance and repair.
  2. Programming features a variety of entertainment segments that lower the perceived wait time.
  3. Removes competitor's commercials from playing in your lobby and ensures customers never see offensive content or depressing news.
  4. Typically costs less than cable or satellite.
  5. Professional, award-winning content reinforces the role of your service team and increases sales.
  6. Allows you to quickly and easily edit the program or add your branding, ads, videos, and more.
  7. Each base episode runs for about 4 hours with updates available through the month.
  8. Program is delivered on a powerful digital network device that connects to a TV via HDMI.

ProChannel for Regional & National Brands

Regional and national brands have the option to include their own customized Pro Channel in their driveExperience package.

The pro channel allows you to consistently communicate corporate messages, coordinate product/program launches, and provide consistent training to your service center affiliates.

The ProChannel is typically accessed before and after business hours for training, team building, and communicating your business care to facility owners, managers, and other team members. The ProChannel lets you consistently communicate to your organization no matter how large.

Basic Requirements for use:

  • Flat Panel TV (1080p or higher recommended). NOTE - The system does not work with Insignia and RCA brand TVs.
  • Video/Audio connections (HDMI included)
  • AutoNetTV’s media player
  • Internet access via router
  • Power

Media Player Specs

  • Quickly connects to your internet router. User interface is easily accessible via any web browser.
  • Designed for continuous (24/7, 365) operation.
  • Can download main program videos at night, and stores videos for playback.
  • Software updates and maintenance included.
  • Connects to your TV via HDMI.

How long is the program and how often does it change?

The standard program loop is approx. 3 hours long, and the entire program changes at least monthly. Some content changes weekly, and any feeds you insert into the program (such as weather, social media, etc) may change numerous times throughout the day. The program is designed to run on auto-pilot; if you don’t want to spend time changing anything, don’t worry – it will change all by itself. But, you can make the program longer by adding in extra content (from the AutoNetTV library, the Industry library, or adding your own videos from your computer).

Can I add my own content?

Absolutely, and you can add as much content as you wish. The content you add to the program (videos, pictures, logo, etc.) only changes when you want it to change – it does not change when the rest of the content refreshes each month.

What type of content plays in the program?

As you can see on our product page, the Lobby TV program mixes popular TV shows such as The Big Bang Theory, 60 Minutes, CBS Sports, Rachael Ray, CNET, The Doctors, MoneyWatch, Vh1, along with movie reviews, celebrity interviews and behind-the-scenes of movies and TV shows. With our automotive Lobby TV program, we offer something for every customer – from an 18 year old male to a 70 year old female.