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driveContent is the best way to increase the professionalism and user experience of your website through high quality automotive videos and animations.


Tech Specs

Product FAQ

AutoNetTV’s Website Marketing program gives you the ability to quickly and easily add content to your existing website. Automotive service websites need video and image content to help attract and engage customers online, and to enable better communication through highly visual elements. The AutoNetTV Website Marketing program gives you the power to add content from the AutoNetTV Drive system library, including content from Industry providers and manufacturers, as well as your own uploaded content with simple drag-and-drop functionality.


Just create a block of content, pick one of the size options, and drag the content into the placeholder. You can easily change which videos or pictures are in those content blocks without having to know code, or requiring your webmaster or developer to intervene every time. You can create as many content blocks as you wish, and have them inserted in numerous places on your website. And if content on the AutoNetTV Drive system is updated (such as a manufacturer coupon), then the new content will automatically appear on your website in the content block. This program makes finding, adding and updating content on your website incredibly easy.


The AutoNetTV Website Marketing program is a content creation and design tool that allows you to quickly and easily add new content to your existing website – boosting credibility and customer awareness of your expertise and service offerings.

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Why would I want or need the Website Marketing program? Can’t I just add content to my website on my own? 

With the AutoNetTV Website Marketing program, you can quickly and easily add content blocks with AutoNetTV videos and images into your existing website, and change which videos or pictures are in those content blocks without having to know code, or requiring your webmaster or developer to intervene every time. You can create as many content blocks as you wish in the AutoNetTV Drive system, and insert any AutoNetTV content, or industry sourced content, or your own content, into those blocks. You can then edit the content within those blocks without requiring your webmaster, or requiring you to know webcode. In addition, if content on the AutoNetTV Drive system is updated (such as a manufacturer coupon added a few months ago is replaced with a new coupon from that manufacturer), then the new content will automatically appear on your website in the content block. This program makes finding, adding and updating content on your website incredibly easy.


Do you require a long-term contract?

No. Our standard agreement requires no long-term commitment, and is paid month-to-month with no termination fees or penalties. We work really hard to provide best-in-class service, content and deliverable s. If we’re not doing a good enough job to keep your business, that’s our fault – not yours.


What equipment is included when I sign up?

None – you do not need any equipment for the Website Marketing program.


So what do I need?

If you don’t already have one, then you’ll need a website. And you’ll need to know your website address, called a URL. Your URL may be something like, or This needs to be entered upon your account creation. Having this address correct ensures that the content you add/edit goes to your website.


Does this replace my website? 

No. The Website Marketing program is a content creation and design tool that allows you to quickly and easily add new content to your existing website.


What type of website do I need?

As opposed to the dynamic database features of our WebTools product, this program does not need a dynamic website in order to function. Most website types will work – php, asp, html, etc.


What type of content can I add to my website?

You can add videos and pictures/images through the Website Marketing program. These can come from the AutoNetTV content library, the Industry library in the AutoNetTV Drive system, or any content you find and upload into the system. If you wish to add text, it must be edited within a picture or image. You can easily do this in the AutoNetTV content editor. The text then becomes saved as part of the image file. Regular text cannot be added through the system because, if it is added two or more times on your website, the search engines will penalize your website for having duplicate content. Duplicate content does not apply to videos or images.


Will the content change or update automatically?

Yes, if the content is updated on the AutoNetTV Drive system. For example, if you insert a Transmission Service video on your website, and the source for that video on the AutoNetTV Drive system does not change, the video displayed on your website will not change. But, if you insert a coupon from an oil manufacturer onto your website, and the oil manufacturer replaces that coupon in the AutoNetTV Drive system with a new coupon, the coupon image will automatically update on your website. This feature provides a powerful way for fresh content to update without any action on your part.


How long will the content stay on my website?

For as long as the content stays on the AutoNetTV Drive system, and/or as long as you maintain a subscription to the Website Marketing program (see above for automatic update information). But, if an asset, such as a video, that is on your website is removed from the AutoNetTV Drive system, then it will also be removed from your website.


Can I change the size of the content that displays on my website? What are the size options?

Yes, you can change the size. We have several pre-defined sizes from which you may choose, or you may specify your own width and the height will be automatically calculated – depending on whether you specify the content resolution is 16:9 (the ratio of a widescreen TV), or 4:3 (the ratio of the older tube TV). Here are the size options provided: Small – 420 pixels; Medium – 480 pixels; Large – 640 pixels; and X Large – 960 pixels. (For custom resolution, if you choose a 16:9 ratio, and enter a width of 1920, the system will automatically set the height to 1080).


If lots of customers watch videos on my website, will I have to pay more?

Generally, no. The content is accessed via the AutoNetTV servers, so AutoNetTV bears the costs, even though people will see it on your website and you will get the traffic and other search benefits of having the content available on your website. However, if you have a website with much higher than average monthly traffic (generally this would be a major automotive company website, not the website of an average dealership or repair location), the standard monthly pricing will not apply. Please contact us for details.


Do I need to know website code?

No. You can easily give the code to your webmaster or web developer, or give him/her access to your account in the AutoNetTV Drive System.


What does my webmaster need?

Access to your website (username and password required to make changes), access to the content code from the Website Marketing program, and where on your website you want to put specific content.


Do I need to subscribe to other AutoNetTV Drive products to obtain the Website Marketing program?

No. You can subscribe to one or all of the AutoNetTV Drive products separately or collectively. For example, you do not need a subscription to the automotive Digital Menu Board program in order to access the content to display on your website. They are separate products offering separate benefits and features. When you login, you’ll be able to access any/all of the products to which you subscribe.


How do I pick content or make changes?

Easy, just login to your account by going to in a web browser, from any location (at home, at work, or on vacation – yeah right …). Once you login, you’ll see the content library on the left, and the device subscriptions you have (TV, Menu Board, Tablet, etc) on the right. You’ll also find a Help section in the top right corner.


What type of content do I get?

Only the best from AutoNetTV, of course. 3D animations, motion graphics, videos, product images, and any/all content added to the Industry section by manufacturers or other industry companies. And, as with all the other products within the AutoNetTV Drive system, you can upload and add your own content for display on your website.


Is there sound to the videos that play? 

Yes, if you select a video that has sound. The AutoNetTV Drive system library contains tons of video content with or without sound, as well as pictures (those don’t have sound).


What if I have problems using the service?

Just check out our extensive Help section in the AutoNetTV Drive system, send us an email, or give us a call at 801-492-9900 (Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, MST).


How long will it take to get up and running once I sign up?

There is no equipment to receive or configure, you just need to have your website address (URL). Once you’ve selected content to add to your website, simply give the code to your webmaster and tell him/her where you want it on your website. It’s really that simple.


How do I sign up?

On our website at, or by calling us at 801-492-9900. We can walk you through the information and complete the process in a matter of minutes.