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KYB Americas Corp. launched a new Crash Avoidance Systems Awareness and Training campaign at the 2015 Industry Week.  This campaign will influence how service and repair professionals view evaluating and maintaining vehicles’ crash avoidance systems as well as give them tools to communicate this awareness to consumers.  AutoNetTV Production Services had a hand in producing some of the materials in this program – more on that later.

KYB has long lead the way in educating the industry on shock and strut replacement as a planned restoration of a vehicle’s design capabilities, rather than as just an event triggered by a part failure.  Their new Awareness and Training initiative integrates that concept fully into the world of modern electronic crash avoidance technology.

The campaign, graphically and in words, explains the interaction between ride control components and electronic crash avoidance technologies.  As ride control components wear (brakes, tires, steering, suspension, etc.), electronic systems are triggered more often and with increasing levels of aggressiveness.  Severe mechanical wear may eventually overwhelm the capability of electronic systems to compensate.  For example, the effectiveness of ABS, traction control, and stability control is greatly reduced on a vehicle with bald tires.

Shocks and struts wear slowly and quietly.  Eventually the wear starts to negatively affect the ride control/electronic intervention cycle.  A key element of KYB’s new Crash Avoidance Systems Awareness and Training campaign is diagnostic and inspection tools and procedures that help service professionals evaluate shocks and struts and inspect other ride control components in a consistent manner.  The worksheet helps the Service Advisor communicate the results of the evaluation to the motorist along with any recommendations.

“Statistics show that vehicles 4-to-8-years old are the most likely to be involved in an accident and vehicle accident fatalities are on the rise. We believe one of the causes for this is under-maintained ride control,” said “Mac” McGovern, KYB director of marketing and training.

KYB offers two new service provider training opportunities to support this campaign: KYB’s distribution customers can arrange a 30-minute, in-shop live training clinic or provide a group code to attend an interactive online self-paced study clinic that includes downloadable handouts.

AutoNetTV Production Services helped KYB migrate their live training to an online platform, producing the videos, motion graphics, and 3D animations included in the training as well as the development work for the online tool.

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