Factory Scheduled Maintenance ServicesNovember 17, 2015, American Fork, Utah

AutoNetTV Media, Inc. announces a new product to support the video marketing efforts of automotive service and repair facilities.  Custom Video Packs provide broadcast-quality videos that are customized for use on websites, social media accounts, YouTube, digital signage screens, email campaigns, newsletters and television.

A facility owner/manager selects the videos they want from a list of service, repair, and image building topics.  They customize the script and text graphics, choose a design theme/colors, and select their voice artist.  The videos include the brand’s logo and other desired images.  The final result is high quality videos, tailored to the desired audience, prominently promoting brand identity.

“Over the years we’ve been approached by many service facilities about creating custom videos for their business,” said Lance Boldt, VP of Production Development.  “They want ‘AutoNetTV quality’, but are a bit surprised at how much high production-value videos and animations cost.  With the Custom Video Pack system, customized videos are available within any shop’s budget.  The base videos are some of the best work we’ve ever done.  I think any service and repair business would be proud to have their name on them.”

The videos include live action, motion graphics and high-end 3D animations.  The custom videos are offered in packs of five or ten videos – at a fraction of the cost of a single, full custom video.  Additional options include alternate endplates for a different call-to-action, depending on the use of the video.   The finalized Custom Video Pack can be available for use in as little as 30 days.

“I received an email today from AutoNetTV. Wow! I want to thank Lance Boldt, Robert Cannon and the rest of the ANTV Team along with other members of the Advisory Board for producing such an exciting product that any shop owner will really enjoy having in their marketing arsenal. Thanks for letting me be part of it and Buckley’s Auto Care be one of the first shops to deploy it.” – Greg Buckley, Wilmington, DE

For additional information and to view samples go to http://customvideos.autonettv.com/ or call Tess Obenauf at 801-692-1506.  tobenauf@AutoNetTV.com