2015 ACA AutoNet TV Media Frame
AutoNetTV Production Services
received two Automotive Communications Awards, presented during the 2015 AAPEX show.  The award program, sponsored by the Car Care Council Women’s Board and the Automotive Communications Council, recognizes excellence in communications activities designed to reach vehicle owners and trade professionals.  AutoNetTV took top honors in the Business-to-Consumer, App for a Mobile Device category and the Business-to-Consumer, Media Outreach to a Non-English Speaking Audience category.

These 2015 Awards represent the 8th and 9th for AutoNetTV over the last several years.


NAPA Service Assistant App

ANTV NAPA SA Award 2015 for webThe App allows Service Advisors to access over 80 high-impact videos and 3D animations to help explain their recommendations in a visual way.  Consumers understand the issues with their vehicles and are motivated to complete needed service and repairs.

A team was assembled for each topic consisting of NAPA AutoCare members, NAPA Training Instructors, and supplier representatives.  Coordinated by AutoNetTV, the team discussed how a given topic impacts motorists, common failure points of involved systems, best service and repair practices, and the benefits of performing needed work.  AutoNetTV created a storyboard detailing parts that needed to be modeled and how to best tell the “story” with animation and video.

The App is the result of thousands of man-hours in creating the unique 3D animations, live action videos, and the development work on the App itself.  NAPA suppliers contributed hundreds of parts used in 3D modeling and filming of the App content.

The App is customizable for the individual NAPA AutoCare member with their business name and contact information.  The member can upload their logo and customize the color theme to match their business identity.

The NAPA Service Assistant websites (a previous ACA winner) and the App are available exclusively to NAPA affiliates and are used by nearly 7,000 locations.

App Overview Video


Valvoline Professional Series Fuel System Cleaning

ANTV NonEnglish Award 2015 for WebAfter creating a successful series of training and consumer-facing videos for the Valvoline Professional Series of products, AutoNetTV was asked to make Spanish language versions for the Latin American market.  Having produced French Canadian video and animation content in the past, the AutoNetTV team employed its system for foreign language work, facilitating casting and Spanish speaking crew members.

Scripts were modified to address the higher proportion of diesel engines in the region and a new graphics package was created for Latin America to adapt to cultural sensitivities.  The videos make extensive use of AutoNetTV’s proprietary 3D animation library to illustrate the problems addressed by the various VPS applications.

AutoNetTV Production Services

All aspects of these productions were handled in-house: scripting, graphic design, videography, 3D animation, post-production, and application development (except the actual translation to Spanish).

Although best known for high-production value consumer-facing videos and animations for its own Digital Lobby TV, Digital Menu Board, and Website Content systems, AutoNetTV has 50+ Production Services clients: associations, technology providers, suppliers, manufacturers, distribution, retail, and service facilities.  AutoNetTV has created product and program launch videos, training content, commercials, consumer messages, web marketing content, and interactive e-learning modules.  AutoNetTV is also an out-source resource to create specific assets for use in projects managed by marketing departments.

Please call Lance Boldt, VP – Production Development, to discuss how AutoNetTV can help you with your video messaging and content marketing.  801-642-3570  lboldt@AutoNetTV.com