-Rod Martin, World Class Auto Repair

-Scott Benevidez, Mr. B's Paint & Body Shop

"We get customers that just come up to the desk and say, 'Hey, I want to get that service they were talking about on the TV done.' With how the economy is, business has slowed down, but your programming still helps us get more sales than we otherwise would. Every bit helps!"

– Crawford Harb, Majestic Car Care Center

"I don't know why places put the news on in their lobbies. News is depressing! You don't want your customers to be depressed; you want to keep a happy environment. I watched your program for the first time last night and just loved it. It's perfect – sign me up!"

– Sandra Hameroff, Broadway Auto

"The programming is fantastic! All the customers have to do is sit down and watch the TV and they get all of the information that I would ever explain to them. It's reinforcing what decisions they need to be making on their cars and it’s working. Tell others what it has done for us. We purchased this store in 2004 and we were ranked 48 out of 64 stores. Now we’re ranked #2. I attribute a large amount of our sales volume to the programming. It makes my job here a whole lot easier. I wish I had it 10 years ago."

– Keith Fraser, Big O Tires (AZ)

"I'm the one that deals with all the customers. I've only gotten wonderful feedback. They say it's very informative and very entertaining. I had a gal doing homework and she said "I'm not getting a lot done". I asked her if that was a bad thing and she said "No I'm actually learning quite a bit." I'm amazed! And AutoNetTV is not just maintenance, it's also entertainment and the customers have loved it. I've learned a lot. It grabs your attention, and it doesn't bore you. They make my job so much more relaxed." 

– Darla, Price’s Precision Automotive

“Your programming is very informative and detailed, and I think that's what customers want to know. Customers often come up and ask questions about it.  Recently there was a segment on brakes, and it said that if you had a specific symptom, you should have you brakes checked.  One customer came and asked us to check his brakes, because he thought his car had the same symptom they were talking about on the TV.  Sure enough, we checked and he did need new brakes, so we got a sale out of it.”

– Gabriel, Mike’s Downtown Garage

"The programming is great!  We really appreciate the difference it makes.  You do not want your customers watching Oprah, you want them thinking about their cars!  A lot of times they hear about a service or symptom on our TV and then they go on the road and they notice it for the first time. They'll come back the next day and right out of the blue, they'll ask you to do that service in their cars. It really helps us and we appreciate it."

– Randall, Bill Mezzetti Tire Company

“Every shop owner has good intentions of providing professional, informative entertainment for customers while they wait, but the problem is we never seem to have the time. With AutoNetTV’s programming, time is no longer a problem. With a few simple steps, our customers are being sold maintenance without me saying a word and their waiting experience has been immensely improved.”

– Betty Jo Young, Young Automotive

“Our customers love AutoNetTV! A 24/7 sales person for us.”

– Ralph Holmstrom, C & R Tire

“I cannot say enough good things about AutoNetTV. After seeing it for the first time, I knew I had to have it. I could not wait, so I asked them to expedite delivery. It is fresh, enjoyable and informative. It’s like having a fill-in service adviser in the waiting area.”

– Aaron Clements, C & C Automotive, Former ASA Chairman

“I like the program so much!  When people sit there I have my specials on the wall that coincide with what you guys are covering.  I make sure all of my Sunday specials are in sync with your programming.”

– Ed Whitehead, Ed Whitehead’s Tire Country

“Several times, we’ve recommended a service and the customer said, 'No'. Then they watched AutoNetTV and they changed their mind.”

– Steve Owen, Shell Rapid Lube

“My wife loves the program so much that she started a 'women's club' where they meet together once a month and watch it together. Over 75% of our customers are women and the program really caters to them.  It’s an excellent product that has changed the way I do business.”

– Stan, Montgomery Service Center

“We are having good response from the customers; they are watching it and like it. I like it. I think it is really good and informative. We've been using ProChannel a lot, and we like it.  We've noticed when we try to up-sell that the customers mention that they saw it on the TV, and that helps a lot. We have seen more sales.”

– David Taylor, Taylor Automotive

“The program is fantastic! So professional and so needed in our industry. Our customers like it. We’ve had customers ask questions about services. I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't sign up – it's a no-brainer!”

– Richard Listro, Florida

“I love the AutoNetTV program. I've noticed an increase in our sales. I wish I would have done it a year and a half ago. We absolutely see sales from it. It makes customers feel at ease about our services. I'd recommend it to any shop.”

– Paul Goodman, Missouri

“We've had a lot of good feedback from customers, and we've used the training part during our monthly meeting with our techs. We really like it, and definitely recommend it to other installers.”

– Gary Jones, Nebraska

“I really like AutoNetTV. It's a very valuable tool for us. Customers have asked questions about services they've seen on it. I saved a lot of money by getting rid of cable TV. I'm a big believer, and you can use my name to convince others about it. I think it's a really valuable tool for my business.”

– John Daugherty, Iowa

“I've had a couple customer questions from watching it; sometimes they absorb stuff and ask next time – rather than immediately. In general, they just take it in and it helps them learn – making it easier when a tech comes in and recommends something they need to have done. We really like it.”

– Richard Herman, Milwaukee, WI

“We've already made several sales from the program – where customers came up to the counter and asked us to check things they just saw on the program. Those led to easy sales. I love it, it's really cool.”

– Mark LaRoche, Maine

“It does help with our customers; women especially ask questions about things they see on it. We're definitely seeing some sales from it. I like how it's formatted, switching up with TV shows. We'd definitely recommend the program to other installers.”

– Cortez, CO

“Some customers have asked questions that led to sales – especially the topics on how maintenance improves gas mileage. Customers have gotten fuel system service and fuel filter replacements because they want to save money on gas. Oh yeah, we'd strongly recommend it to other installers.”

– Quade, Lafayette, IN

“Everybody just sits in there and stares at the TV. It's been perfect, a few times we went to recommend a service, like cabin air filter, and the TV was playing that exact thing. Women especially seem to like it. We'd definitely recommend it to others.”

– John, Seekonk, MA

"These are the most professional programs I've ever seen! They really are a valuable tool for my customers."

– Ben, Ben's Auto Body Inc.

"I love the content from AutoNetTV, I have seen a 60% increase in sales from it. It truly help my business"

– Bill, Horizon Tire & Detail

"I feel like the program is working great. In fact we have had people come and ask us to see how their steering fluid was and to have it checked because of the program."

– Stanly, Express Lube

"AutoNetTV is awesome, they educate customer and entertain them too, its not like the old days when we were playing a tape, and it was the same segment over and over again the whole time. This one you spread it out and there are a lot of informational bits."

– Greg, Harriman Auto

"You'd be surprised how informative the programs are. We get people asking us about preventative maintenance and oil changes and such all the time now!"

– Brent, Target Tire Co.

"Oh I love the program. This is the neatest service we have ever had, very educational, my customers enjoy the time in the waiting room and I even learn new things. They also sell a lot of work for me which is great! Yes, do not change a thing and do not ever get rid of them!"

 – Gary, Zitterich Foreign Car Repair

"AutoNetTV is awesome! People think they're watching CNN or something and then it mentions cars every now and then. Some people say "I didn't know that" or "Is this something I have on my car?" It's great. You guys designed it really well to feel like real TV."

– Ben Bay, Big O Tires

"I had a customer ask if she could bring her husband back this week to watch a particular segment. Another lady sitting in the waiting room, on a rather busy day, came out of the waiting room and stepped into the shop area. She said, and I quote, 'I was wondering if you guys can perform that transmission service they were talking about on the TV?' Of course I said yes, and we performed the $79.99 service."

– Dave Nesbit, Valvoline Express Care, I.A.M.A President

"A lot of what my customers want to know is what they can do to make their cars last longer. AutoNetTV sells a lot for us. People ask us a lof of questions and they say 'has mine been checked?' We love it here and it does great things for us"

– Chris Tipton, Big O Tires

"We've seen an increase of sales in our air conditioning. AutoNetTV – and the heat – has doubled our air conditioning sales. When AutoNetTV featured the segment on wiper blades, our sales went up to about 25-35%."

– Gary Willis Jr., Express Care

“The amount and quality of online content you provide for the price you charge is legal thievery! I don’t know how you guys afford to give it away so inexpensively, but I’m glad you do.”

– Greg Buckley, Buckley AutoCare

"Just wanted to let you know how much AutoNetTV has helped my Meineke Center. The unique combinations of entertainment and automotive education has enhanced the experience in my waiting room for my clients and helped me increase sales. I have even had clients ask what channel AutoNetTV is on their cable system! Keep up the good work."

– Chirs Schmitz, President, Meineke Dealers Association