Screens, Screens, & Screening: Digital Signage is the New Flush Toilet

  Screens are everywhere.  And there is content everywhere:  The big questions you need to ask in your service operation are “How many of those screens do I own? and  How much of that content is mine?” Check out our article in the January – February 2013 issue of Fixed Ops magazine.  See you

KO: Size Up the Competition

When I was in 1st grade my Dad took me on a Father and Son campout sponsored by our church.  It was late spring at Lake Tahoe – cold, gray and drizzly.  I spent a lot of time warming by the fire.  We did take a spin on a speed boat but no one would

What’s Really in an Automotive Digital Menu Board?

Most of us are familiar with digital menu boards at restaurants and such, but may not know what to expect of an automotive specific application.  Check out this short sample of AutoNetTV's Digital Menu Board. Note the various templates or layouts.  The pricing is customizable.  Also note the various images, videos and 3D animations that

Tighten Your Belt: Selling in the Modern Age

With the median vehicle age exceeding 10 years, the automotive technology on which repair operations must be competent on a daily basis spans more than 20 years.  This is especially daunting when you look at the rocket ship trajectory of near-term developments.  This reality dictates that your financial and time commitment to training, equipment and

Tops Shops: Common Denominator

Gene and Robin Morrill’s Certified Automotive Specialists in Glendora, California has been awarded this year’s Motor Age Top Shop.  The competition is stiff for this coveted award.   The top 10 shops in this year’s competition have significant investments in their facilities, making them inviting and comfortable, helping to convey a commitment to quality and an

Shock Value: Sell More Shocks and Struts

    We rented an RV for fall break.  We had a great four-day weekend – with the exception of driving the RV.  The shocks were completely shot.  I’d say it wallowed like a pig in mud, but I think mud has more damping power than those shocks did.  The 600 highway miles were a

Oil Slick: Sell More Synthetic Oil

When I was 17 I bought a brand new ’77 Chevy Nova.  For its first oil change, I treated it to synthetic.  I’ve been running synthetic most of the time ever since.  These days, rather than just telling the service advisor that I want synthetic, I wait to see how (if) they’ll present it to