The Curious Case of Wife’s Uncertainty

About 2 months ago, my wife’s car’s odometer finished its slow crawl to the 30,000 mile mark. Her oil change place, looking to capitalize on preventive maintenance, brought the milestone to her attention and provided her with a list of services that “should” be done at 30,000 miles. The total? $1,250 dollars! Lucky for me,

6 Elements of Success in the Service Department

There are 6 elements to success in the service department, all centering around the interface between you and your customer:  Experience, Service, Interaction, Sales, Content, and Marketing.  While each of these key elements has a part at every stop along the customer’s journey through the service department, they each, in turn, play a leading role

The Real Superheroes

    By Brandon Storrs, Director of Visual Communications & Production, AutoNetTV Media, Inc.   I love to ride bikes.  My co-workers often have the pleasure of seeing me ride into work dressed like a “superhero” in my spandex and sunglasses.  “It’s all about wind resistance and aerodynamics” I tell them.  They ask if all those

Makin’ a List & Checkin’ It Twice

  by Kim Curtis, AutoNetTV Corporate Accountant I can honestly say I am not a specialist when it comes to understanding automobiles.  I am not sure what the names of parts are that are underneath my hood.  I am not sure what they do exactly.  Thank goodness for mechanics!    When I was younger, if

Why Your Customers Leave

Think you know best? If your customers don't agree they'll leave. Convenience, Amenities & Information keep them close. Find out more in our article in the May-June Fixed Ops Magazine – page 20!

Upgrading Your Wife . . . ‘s Car

About a year ago my wife’s ‘93 sedan, with its 150K miles, faded gold paint, and malfunctioning engine, was finally laid to rest.  For some reason, she shed no tears on behalf of the only car she had ever driven.  While I mourned the loss of our “family member” she was already shopping for a

The Underwear Motorcycle Gang

by Sean Whiffen Few things are better than the rush of the wind against your bare skin as you cruise in nothing but underwear and socks.  Or so we imagined as we ran around the house with one pair of tighty-whities on our bodies, another pair on our heads – with one of the openings

What You Wish They Knew

  Your business depends on your prospects and customers knowing what you wish they already knew.  What is the best way to convey that knowledge during your best opportunities?  Go to our article in the March – April edition of Fixed Ops Magazine for some very effective suggestions.  See you on page 44.

Suns and Daughters

When I was young my father bought a Ford Galaxie Sunliner. Bright red and a convertible to boot. I loved how it looked and I also loved how fast it was. My father was a dentist and so the only tools around our house were for probing and poking inside the mouth and not the engine of