Good Old Days and a Gold Corvair

By Dennis Emery, CFO, AutoNetTV Media, Inc. While driving in my car the other day, I found myself scanning through my XM radio stations looking for something worth listening to. I landed on a station that was totally dedicated to the 1960’s music. As I heard these old familiar songs my mind took me back

The Deegan “38” by Mickey Thompson

   The AutoNetTV camera crew caught up with the good folks at Mickey Thompson Tires at the SEMA show.  They were previewing the new Deegan 38 tire, named for 16 time X-Game medalist, 4 time Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Champion, and co-founding General of the Metal Mulisha – Brian Deegan.  Check it out!  

Ready for Hybrids?

The AutoNetTV camera caught up with Deb Van Batenburg at AAPEX.  Deb is the co-owner of the Automotive Career Development Center that has trained thousands of automotive service professionals on working with hybrids. Deb briefly describes the business opportunity represented by hybrid service and repair and how to prepare for the hazards involved. Automotive Career

Effective Cross-Selling in the Dealership

Vehicles are more reliable as recommended service intervals continue to grow.  This hits every area of the dealership making cross-selling among departments essential to sustaining and growing profits.  Click the link to learn how some of the best dealerships are supercharging their cross-selling efforts with a powerful, always-on technology platform. The Fixed Ops Magazine article

Football, Holidays & the Dentist

By Bobby Cannon, Director of Sales, AutoNetTV Media, Inc. My family and I play football on Thanksgiving morning every year. We call it “Turkey Bowl” and, due to the bragging rights it bestows on the winning team for the next year, it’s a big deal. This year it only took two plays for someone to

LED Lighting for the Shop and Paintbooth

AXIS Energy Partners linked up with West Cost Customs to offer an LED replacement bulb for fluorescent lighting for the shop – and particularly for the paint booth.  15 year life span and 60% energy savings – and 95 CRI. Check out this AutoNetTV video filmed at NACE. For more go to AXIS Energy Partners

Naked Pages: Why You Need Service Videos on Your Website

Some marketers refer to webpages without video content as “naked pages”.  These pages are exposed and less effective than they could be.  Why?  We have an expectation of interaction with the world around us.  When we are online in the virtual world, video is one of the most powerful ways to interact. Video captures the

Making It Last

By Robert Cannon, President and CEO of AutoNetTV Fall is such a great time of year. Football.  Leaves change colors – and the temperature is so pleasant. People walk around with smiles; it’s great to be alive.  While on vacation a couple of weeks ago, my wife and I were walking up a hill. We