What if my TV is far away from where I’ll put the media player (driveExperience and driveServices)?

How do I connect multiple TVs to the same media player (driveExperience and driveServices)?

How many media players do I need to get (driveExperience and driveServices)?

What happens if my internet connection goes down?

How do I sign up?

How long will it take to get the media device once I sign up (driveExperience and driveServices)?

What if I have problems with the equipment or system?

What file types does the system accept?

How do I access the system and make changes?

What’s included in my subscription?

What are the internet requirements?

What TV size do you recommend (driveExperience and driveServices)?

What type of TV do I need (driveExperience and driveServices)?

Does the media device come with a warranty?

What equipment is included when I sign up?

Do you require a long-term contract?

What if my TV is far away from where I’ll put the media player (driveExperience and driveServices)?Back to top

No problem, as long as you have cables long enough to connect the media player to the TV. Long Ethernet (wired internet) cables are easy to find and fairly inexpensive (go to www.Monoprice.com). But the HDMI cable, used to display the video and audio, is trickier. Although HDMI provides the highest video resolution currently available, the recommended maximum length for HDMI cable is usually about 50 feet (depending on the specifications, quality and other features of the actual cable – such as a built-in equalizer). Otherwise, reduction or complete loss of signal will result. Generally, to have HDMI cable run longer than 50 feet requires additional devices. The most common and readily accessible solutions are an HDMI signal booster (which boosts the signal over the long cable runs), or an extender that can extend the HDMI cable run length, and keep a strong effective signal in place. This device first boosts and then extends the signal down the length of the cable after the signal is received. A newer solution that works great is an HDMI splitter amplifier over CAT5 or CAT6. Basically, it converts the audio and video to Ethernet signals that travel over internet lines – which can easily run hundreds of feet. Receivers are then used to convert the signal back to HDMI at the end of the run.

How do I connect multiple TVs to the same media player (driveExperience and driveServices)?Back to top

The media player comes with one HDMI output port. But you may connect this device to multiple TV screens through the use of an HDMI splitter/amplifier, obtained separately, which will display the same content on each screen. Your subscription is paid per device, not per screen, so there would be no additional charges from AutoNetTV for a multi-screen configuration. In order to connect multiple screens with the same player (all showing the same content), you will need an HDMI splitter or amplifier. These usually split 1×2, 1×4, 1×6 or 1×8. In other words, you plug one end of an HDMI cable into the media player, and the other end into the input port of an HDMI splitter. Then, you’ll plug as many additional HDMI cables as needed or available from this device into your various TVs. Each TV will then display the same content. An internet search will show a lot of options for these devices, which generally cost between $50 and $500 (www.Monoprice.com, www.BHphotovideo.com, etc.). If you wish to have different content showing on different screens, then you’ll need to purchase an additional media player for each screen you want different.

How many media players do I need to get (driveExperience and driveServices)?Back to top

It depends on how many different programs you want displayed, and/or how many waiting areas you have. For many businesses the answer is only one. For others with extremely large waiting areas, or separated areas, or those that wish to display different content on different screens, more than one media player may be needed. It all depends on your business layout and marketing goals. We’d be happy to help you with this decision; so, if you’re not sure, give us a call at 801-492-9900. But, you can show the same program on multiple screens with only one media player – by splitting the video signal.

What happens if my internet connection goes down?Back to top

No worries, the driveExperience:Lobby TV player will still display your content. The media player does not need a constant internet connection to play the program – it does not stream. But, it does need internet to receive any changes or updates. So, without current internet, the program won’t be able to change.

How do I sign up?Back to top

By calling us at 801-492-9900. We can walk you through the information and complete the process in a matter of minutes.

How long will it take to get the media device once I sign up (driveExperience and driveServices)?Back to top

Your pre-configured media device will generally ship within two weeks of your order. The device comes with a Setup Guide for connecting and activating your player – which only takes a few minutes. Once the device is successfully connected to our servers, it will begin downloading the current program content.

What if I have problems with the equipment or system?Back to top

Just check out our extensive Help section in the AutoNetTV Drive system, send us an email, or give us a call at 801-492-9900 (Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, MST).

What file types does the system accept?Back to top

Most video and image file types are accepted. For videos, this includes mp4, mov, wmv, avi, and other popular file types. The AutoNetTV Drive system will automatically encode these different types into one common format and make sure the sound is consistent for all content (e.g. super loud videos will have their audio levels automatically lowered so you don’t have to keep adjusting the volume on the TV). Most image types are also accepted, such as jpg, png, gif, etc. Our system also utilizes HTML5 for content creation, editing and display.

How do I access the system and make changes?Back to top

Easy, just login to your account by going to Drive.AutoNetTV.com in a web browser, from any location (at home, at work, or on vacation – yeah right …). Once you login, you’ll see the content library on the left, and the device subscriptions you have (TV, Menu Board, Tablet, etc) on the right. You’ll also find a Help section in the top right corner.

What’s included in my subscription?Back to top

In addition to the media player mentioned above, for Lobby TV and Menu Board, your subscription includes access to the AutoNetTV Drive system for making changes to the program, uploading your own content, access to AutoNetTV’s current and regularly updated library of educational and entertaining video content, and access to Industry content uploaded to the AutoNetTV Drive system. In other words, you get: system access, bandwidth for changes, software updates, and tons of awesome content.

What are the internet requirements?Back to top

A broadband internet connection (i.e. dedicated, such as DSL, Cable, Fiber, etc.; not dial-up) with a minimum speed of 2 Mbps is required; 6 Mbps speed is recommended. The device can connect Wired or Wireless (Wi-Fi). You should have your internet settings prior to receiving the equipment so you can complete the installation more easily. You’ll also need a way to connect the media player to your internet network (if you are connecting Wired) such as a router, and an Ethernet cable (available from your IT manager, network provider, or online at www.Monoprice.com). Wireless Wi-Fi connectivity to the media player requires you to simply know your Wi-Fi network name (called an SSID) and the password – if one is set on your network. NOTE – some networks have additional security features such as requiring a Static IP address be assigned to each device on the network. You’ll need to obtain this information from your network provider/manager before attempting to connect the device.

What TV size do you recommend (driveExperience and driveServices)?Back to top

A 32” screen size is the minimum and 42” or greater is recommended. The best size depends on your waiting area … an industry standard for determining the screen size you’ll need is this: Multiply the # of feet away from the screen the average viewer will be, or for which you want them to see the content, by 8”. For example, if the average customer will be 6 feet away from the wall where you’ll hang your TV, then you multiply 6 feet by 8 inches … which is a 48” screen size. Most screens don’t come in that size, so round up to a 50” screen.

What type of TV do I need (driveExperience and driveServices)?Back to top

If you don’t already have one, then you’ll need a wide-screen TV (LCD, Plasma, LED, etc.). A high-definition TV, which can display 720p or 1080p (recommended) video, with an HDMI input. 32” is the minimum recommended TV size. NOTE – The system does not work with Insignia and RCA brand TVs.

Does the media device come with a warranty?Back to top

Yes, the Media Device comes with a one year product warranty (excludes damage resulting from abuse, improper care or installation, or accidents). If you have technical problems with the performance of the device, please call our Technical Support team at 801-492-9900. If we can’t diagnose and fix the issue remotely, you’ve had the product for less than 1 year, and the issue does not fall outside of the above stated warranty, we will replace the device.

What equipment is included when I sign up?Back to top

For the Lobby TV and Digital Menu Board programs, you’ll receive one Media Device, the mini-computer used to play the content and receive updates and commands, and an HDMI cable to connect the media player to your TV for display. For driveContent, the Website Marketing Program, you’ll use your new or existing website – no other equipment required. For driveInteraction, the Interactive Tablet or Kiosk sales tool, you’ll need your own tablet or kiosk device (see product page for more details).

Do you require a long-term contract?Back to top

No. Our standard agreement requires no long-term commitment, and is paid month-to-month with no termination fees or penalties. We work really hard to provide best-in-class service, content and deliverables. If we’re not doing a good enough job to keep your business, that’s our fault – not yours.