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Whatever the message, we all play show-and-tell like our whole grade depends on it. In addition to our regular products and services, AutoNetTV also offers its services as a bumper-to-bumper video production house.


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Need a 30 second spot or a 30 minute communiqué? AutoNetTV Production Services will help you reach your audience more effectively than ever before.

Known for the award-winning content we create for our subscription services, AutoNetTV also serves as a bumper-to-bumper video production house.  Conceptualization, story development, script writing and editing, filming, post-production, 3D modeling/animation, special effects, and graphics creation are all on the menu.

We can produce virtually anything for you.  Here is the type of work we’re most often asked to create:

Training Videos

Putting your procedures and knowledge-base into compelling video shared throughout your entire organization greatly enhances receptivity and compliance of employees and distribution partners.  AutoNetTV can provide a lively refresh to your existing footage, or create new concepts and content.  Whether it’s a Product Launch, Corporate Splash event, or simply and powerfully communicating your business case for a product or service, AutoNetTV can craft a video that will effectively deliver your message.

Interactive Web-Based E-Learning Tools

You equip your sales and training representatives with the tools they need to do their jobs – but they can’t be everywhere at once.  AutoNetTV can turn your live presentations into web-based tools that are available 24/7 from any device with an internet connection.  Imagine: your best presentation available to your prospects and partners every time, any time.  Your tool can combine powerful graphics, video segments, voice-over narration, downloads, and quizzes to greatly leverage your ability to reach and teach your target audience.

Consumer-Facing Videos

When it comes to video content for consumers, very high production-value is expected.  AutoNetTV can help put your best foot forward on your website, YouTube channel, social media accounts, and digital delivery platforms.  We even make TV commercials.

When it comes to automotive video, animation and/or graphic production, AutoNetTV has several huge advantages over most other professional production companies.

  1. We already know your business. Understanding the nuances of the automotive industry and the technical aspects of vehicles saves time and effort.  Speaking the same language enables us to deliver a superior product in less time and for less money.
  2. Our producers work directly with you on every project. Reducing the layers of bureaucracy found at most agencies, our hands-on approach enables a much faster turn-around time from start to completion, and reduces the time and effort spent in endless revisions because our right people are listening to your right people, right from the beginning.
  3. When you engage AutoNetTV Production Services, you are buying from the source. We have our own studio and an in-house team handling everything from writing, editing, motion graphics, 3D modeling and animation, and graphic design.  You won't pay the markup for a marketing company that's between you and the production house. Everyone knows - when you cut out the middle man the customer saves!

To get a quote for your project ideas give us a call at 877-642-3555 and ask for Production.

What kind of outside clients do you work with?

We have worked with over 50 clients on production projects.

  • 3 of the 9 Automotive Communication Awards we have received have been for client work (a Spanish language consumer-facing product video, replicated websites [approx. 7,000 in use], and a point-of-sale mobile app)
  • 2 international marketing awards for videos created for the Car Care Council
  • From start-ups to multi-billion dollar companies
  • Parts manufacturers, service suppliers, distribution organizations, trade associations, and individual automotive service centers

Do you do piece work? 

Yes.  In addition to managing complete projects, we often work with internal marketing departments and clients' agencies to create specific assets for campaigns and projects they manage.  For example, building 3D animation segments for use in a training video, motion graphics logo animation, sales brochures and flyers.

What size projects do you accept?

We have done projects ranging from under a thousand dollars to well into mid-six figures.  No matter what we work on, you can count on uncompromising quality and our best efforts.

How widely distributed is your work?

You'd be surprised . . .

  • AutoNetTV creates and publishes more than 460,000 web articles annually over approximately 9,000 websites
  • Assets are used on client websites and  in their digital libraries
  • Videos created by AutoNetTV have a monthly viewership of 2,000,000 to 3,000,000
  • 12,000+ product and content installations

Can you help distribute the videos you create for us? 

This is a very important question: The best video in the world won't do you any good if the world can't find it.

The AutoNetTV Drive platform is a repository for your videos (and other sales, marketing, & product info collateral).  You manage and control how your content is used and viewed.  Your content is available to Drive subscribers and can be viewed in several ways:

  • Through the Drive online interface for research and training by automotive professionals (see the video on our AutoNetTV Home Page )
  • Made available on subscribers websites through the driveContent management system
  • For use on digital signage screens in subscriber locations

There is no charge for adding your content to Drive (whether or not it is created by AutoNetTV)

How do you charge for production services?

Because what we do is highly customized, each project is quoted individually.  Here are some general guidelines:

  • Studio Session
    • Studio, lighting, audio, camera, jib, teleprompter, make-up, crew
    • Session costs are based on project requirements
      • Basic package: $3,650 half day & $6,400 full day
    • Talent charges are billed as a pass-through
  • Web-based E-Learning modules
    • $135 per slide/page (does not include creative, graphics, digital assets, etc.)
  • Creative, pre- & post-production, project management
    • Hours are tracked
    • Total charge based on margin target calculated from costs
  • When scripts and/or detailed project description is available, a firm quote can be given
    • There may be an upfront quoting fee depending on the work to be done by AutoNetTV to generate the quote, e.g.:
      • Writing initial, pre-quote script outline
      • Creating animation story boards
      • Developing E-learning site maps