Everything you’d expect in a fully-developed automotive signage solution.

AutoNetTV has taken everything you’d expect to see in a fully-developed digital signage solution and added real-time updates and an entire library of award-winning automotive videos, animations, and more. All available at the click of a button.



Tech Specs

Product FAQ

driveServices: Digital Menu Board is both robust and easy to use. You can log in and update prices, add new sections, and create a coherent, great-looking display using our pre-loaded templates. We’ve also included the ability to schedule promotions, make playlists, and even show video on demand.

Key Features:

  • Silent salesman engages customers and reminds them to take care of needed maintenance and repair.
  • Library of professional, award-winning videos (with and without sound), animations, and more to help you build your own custom signage.
  • You have the ability to upload your own content to use with the system.
  • The content scheduler allows you to schedule promotions in advance. The screen is automatically updated when the promotion begins and ends.

Requirements for use:

  • 37” or bigger Flat Panel TV (1080p or higher). NOTE - The system does not work with Insignia and RCA brand TVs.
  • Broadband internet connection of at least 2 Mb/s. DSL, Cable or better are all acceptable. A dial-up modem will not work.
  • AutoNetTV’s Digital Network Device (provided)

What type of content do I get with the automotive Digital Menu Board?

Only the best from AutoNetTV, of course.  3D animations, motion graphics, videos, background templates, product images, and pre-loaded sales text.  Basically everything you need to have the coolest looking and most effective menu board your or your customers have ever seen.  You don’t need to scour the internet or pay outside firms to get content – it’s all included.

Can I add my own ads, logos, coupons and other things to the screen?

Yes, and please do!  Pictures, videos, text messages, social media content … bring it on.  We give you plenty of easy-to-use tools and templates designed with lots of places to customize the program with your branding and the products and services you offer.  There’s no limit to the amount of content you can add.

Is there sound to the videos that play?

As opposed to our Lobby TV program – used for the area where customers sit and wait – the menu board is designed to hang on the wall near you, since you’re the pro who can discuss and explain the details of your services.  You don’t want the same repeating sounds to drive you crazy while you’re trying to talk with customers in person or on the phone.  So, all of the content designed for the Digital Menu Board is created specifically to work without any sound.