Increase your sales and engage your customers.

driveSales functions as a silent salesman in your auto parts store, engaging customers and reminding them to take care of needed maintenance.



Tech Specs

Product FAQ

Key Features:

  • Award-winning content library featuring 3D animations and graphics.
  • Upload your own promotions or create them using our easy-to-use starter templates. Quickly and easily upload and edit services, pricing, ads, videos, and more.
  • Silent salesman engages customers and helps you up-sale companion items and promotions passively.
  • Lower perceived wait times of customers and provide better overall customer service and engagement.
  • Video-on-demand feature helps you when making recommendations to or educating a customer.

Requirements for use:

  • 37” or bigger Flat Panel TV (1080p or higher) with an HDMI connection. This program will not function on a 1080i, 720p, or 720i television. It will not work on a TV that “up-scales” to 1080p.
  • Broadband internet connection of at least 256kb/s. DSL, Cable or better are all acceptable. A dial-up modem will not work.
  • AutoNetTV’s Digital Network Device (provided)


What equipment is included with driveSales?

You will receive one Digital Network Device (DND). This is a mini-computer designed specifically to play the content and receive / update new content. You will also receive a 6-foot HDMI cable and a wireless antenna used for connecting to a Wi-Fi network.