AutoNetTV Celebrates Its 100th Episode: Uncounted Lives Saved

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August 2014 marks AutoNetTV’s 100th episode.  For eight and a third years, customers in various auto care facilities have been entertained while they learn how to save money with timely car care while enjoying better vehicle performance and increased safety. Just how much money have the millions of AutoNetTV viewers saved?  Well, it’s hard to

1st and 10: Prepping for Fall

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My mind is thinking of football as college and NFL camps are in full swing. Brats, ribs, and smiling faces in the tailgate lot have me excited.  I live in Salt Lake City and unlike my children, who attend the games with me, I look forward to at least one game in the snow. I

It Came From Middle Earth

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The Production Department at AutoNetTV is known by the rest of our company as “Middle Earth”.  We shy away from sunlight and like the room dimly lit.  At least that’s what other’s think.  We are actually normal people who live normal lives.  Well, for the most part.  We like to think of ourselves as the

Does Malibu Ken Come with That?

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My first driving experience was when I was 14 and my best friend was 17. We were in her parents old Ford Taurus, and being the “big sister”, she thought it would be fun to teach me. I drove about two blocks down a street not too far from where we lived, but one that

Always Sell Value!

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I do a lot of work with our sales people at AutoNetTV. One of the recurring statements/themes in our coachings and trainings is, “Did you focus on the value?” One of the analogies we like to use is; you walk into my office and I hold up a pair of scissors. I ask, “Do you

Do You Know Your Parts?

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AutoNetTV caught up with Eric Renaud, Senior Category Manager – Heat Transfer Products for Spectra Premium.  Eric is talking about the importance of Knowing What You Buy. Spectra Premium

Green Automotive Degreaser

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The AutoNetTV camera crew caught up with Search Automotive Technologies demonstrating Green Tiger, a new automotive degreaser that attacks protein-based problems like oil, tar and bug splatter. Search Automotive Technologies 

Good Old Days and a Gold Corvair

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By Dennis Emery, CFO, AutoNetTV Media, Inc. While driving in my car the other day, I found myself scanning through my XM radio stations looking for something worth listening to. I landed on a station that was totally dedicated to the 1960’s music. As I heard these old familiar songs my mind took me back

The Deegan “38” by Mickey Thompson

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   The AutoNetTV camera crew caught up with the good folks at Mickey Thompson Tires at the SEMA show.  They were previewing the new Deegan 38 tire, named for 16 time X-Game medalist, 4 time Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Champion, and co-founding General of the Metal Mulisha – Brian Deegan.  Check it out!